African Tribal Art - Weaving Comb, Morocco

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Weaving comb (panja)
Iron, wood
11" (28 cm) high by 5" (12.7 cm) wide by 6" (15.2 cm) deep
Late 19th to early 20th century

A traditional Berber beating comb used in the weaving process to tamp a row down before adding the next. Here's an interesting bit from the internet: From “Tapis Berbčres du Maroc – La symbolique origines et signification”, by Bruno Barbatti, ACR Edition: "the carding tool and the comb thus have the same symbolic origin. The metaphors for the male sex. In general all instruments with teeth are tinged with sexual symbolism in the textile craft of the Berber. The repetitive movement when using them is associated with the sex act".


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