Art of the Americas - Female Figure, Chinesco Type B, West Mexico

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Female figure, Type B
Nayarit, West Mexico
Earthenware, slip
9" (23 cm) high
100 BC - 250 AD

This sweet, classic type B figure has a rotund body with tapering legs and small feet extended straight forward, with thin arms folded across her belly. Her highly arched shoulders are marked with raised tattoos and her high pointed breasts are just beneath them. She has the typical heart-shaped face with slit eyes, small ears and striated coiffure. There are faint black markings still visible on her legs and face. Substantial repairs to lower body and buttocks, both legs reattached and restored, nose restored. Ex. private collection, Iowa, ex. Sotheby's Pre-Columbian Art, New York, November 23, 1992, Lot 398, illustrated.


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