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Maximon devotional figure
Western Highlands, Guatemala
Wood, wool cloth, sequins, felted wool
15" (38 cm) high, 8" (20.3 cm) wide, 8" (20.3 cm) deep
Mid 20th century

Maximon is one of the more mysterious and enigmatic religious icons of the western highlands of Guatemala, and his identity is associated with San Simon, Judas Escariot, Mam, Pedro de Alvarado and others. He is plyed with liquor and cigars, fancy silk scarves, money and incense to cure disease, remove curses, divine the future, cure infertility, bless crops, win lawsuits and perform other miracles. He is considered a guardian of moral behavior, but is also associated with vices and sexual disorder.

This Maximon sports a wide sombrero and a voluminous wool suit. A traditional cigar in his mouth would tame his intense facial expression.


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