Asian Tribal Art - Large Offering Vessel, Hsun Ok, Pagan, Burma

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Large offering vessel, hsun ok
Pagan, Burma
Wood, lacquer, pigment
33″ high by 18″ diameter (84 by 45.7 cm)
Late 19th or early 20th century

An imposing offering vessel composed of six pieces, with an inner tray adorned with the image of an elephant. The stepped panels of the two center bands are known as myin mo, a name derived from Mount Meru, the center of the cosmos. Within the frames are animal and human figures and may represent the twelve signs of the Burmese zodiac.

This type of lacquerware is known as yun, where the designs are incised, then lacquer is applied and wiped away, leaving the engraved lines with the black or yellow color. A few minor chips, but otherwise in very good condition. The top most finial has been glued onto the domed lid - see photo below.


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