Asian Tribal Art - Venugopala (Krishna), Orissa, India

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Venugopala (Krishna) playing flute
Orissa, India
Lost wax cast bronze
10.5" (26.5 cm) high
18th century

The Venugopala form of Krishna playing the flute is to Vaishnavite iconography what Nataraja is to the Shaivites: the piece de resistance. Here he stands in his classic ardha-sama pose, with his body weight resting on his left leg, the other slightly bent at the knee, toes resting lightly on the plinth. His hands are poised to hold the flute to his lips. The plinth is attached to the base with twisted copper wires, a native repair that is a little loose but secure. His sandals have caught the remnants of some reddish puja material.


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