Asian Tribal Art - Ikat futon cover fragment, Japan

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Ikat kasuri futon cover
Sanin, Japan
Hand loomed cotton, indigo
, Beni Bana
14" (35.5 cm) wide by 46" (117 cm) long
Late 19th to early 20th century

Ex Fifi White, Berkeley, California

A checkerboard zig zag pattern separates circles filled with three symbols of winter, the pine, bamboo and plum, known as Sho, Chiku, and Bai in Japanese, while the bottom motif is the sea turtle, which is said to live 10,000 years andis a symbol of longevity. A butterfly is seen below and an enclosed kanji above. There are vertical stripes of rose-colored threads, probably Beni Bana. The photo below was shot with my iPhone to give a sense of the overall pattern, but the rose color does not show up.The zig zag motif and vertical stripes are typical of Sanin kasuri. The Chinese character may be a piece from a Shogi set (Japanese chess). I have two of these panels, both in mint condition.


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