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Article: Paul Gebauer by Jonathan Fogel

All photographs were taken from 1931-1934. They have been recently printed from the negatives
in editions of 30, are unframed and matted, measure 11" by 14", and are priced at $600 each.
Courtesy of the Paul Gebauer Estate


Nsungli Youth: Group of Three


Mbembe Area: Famous Mbembe Cicatrization


Banso Area: Beauty From Nkoll


Bum Mission Field: Ntumbo Woman
with Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung


Tungo People: The Chief of Tungo and Brother


Bum Area: The Chief of Bum


Ndu Baptist Mission:
Schimmacher's Mail Runner


Bum Area: Hanging Bridge at Fonfukua
Paul Gebauer, 193134.

Tikari: Mother with Twins
Paul Gebauer, 193134.

Carrying Goods in Baskets

Laikom: Ndi's Water Carriers Approaching Entrance

Kumba and Mamfi Divisions: Banyang Street

Kaka: Woman Arguing with Man at Market

Bororo Tribe: Cows

Nsungli Womanhood: Dancing Women Close up of Circle

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