Art of the Americas

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Dog/Frog vessel, Peru
Feline Vessel, Chancay, Peru
Feline Vessel, Chancay
Small Jar, Inca, Peru
Jar, Peru
Candelabra, Mexico
Female Figure, Chinesco Type B, West Mexico
Female Figure, Chinesco SOLD
Vessel, Colima, West Mexico
Vessel, Colima
Water Carrier, Colima, West Mexico
Water Carrier, Colima SOLD
Shaman's Staffs, Choco People, Panama
Shaman's Staffs, Panama
Female Figure, Chinesco, Type C, West Mexico
Female Figure, Chinesco  SOLD
Stirrup Vessel, Moche Culture, Peru
Stirrup Vessel, Moche, Peru
Bat Dish, Coclé Culture, Panama
Bat Dish, Cocle
Processional Hats, Chimu, Peru
Silver Hats, Peru
Female Ocarina, Guangala, Ecuador
Ocarina, Guangala, Ecuador
Cuchimilco, Chancay Culture, Peru
Cuchimilco, Chancay, Peru
Jaguar Vessel, Costa Rica
Nuchu Figure, Kuna People, Panama
Nuchu Figure, Panama
Slingshots, Maya, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Coconut Cup, South America
Coconut cup, S. America
Slingshots, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Vintage Rabbit Vessel, Mexico
Rabbit Folk Art, Mexico
Slingshots, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Vessel, Coclé Culture, Panama
Vessel, Coclé, Panama
Stone Figure, Olmec Culture, Southern Mexico
Stone figure, Olmec
Slingshots, Maya, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Mask, Guatemala
Cornish collotype, Kansas
Collotype, Kansas
Female Figure, Tlatlico, Mexico
Figure, Mexico
Tupos, Peru
Pan Pipes, Nasca, South Coast Peru
Pan pipes, Peru
Beaded Bottles, Paiute
Beaded Bottles, Paiute


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