Art of the Americas

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Rattle, Colima Culture, Mexico
Colima Rattle, Mexico
Votive plates, Peru
Serpent Ocarina, Colima Culture, Mexico
Colima Ocarina, Mexico
Huari Hat
Game Board or Tablet, Chavin Culture, Peru
Gameboard, Peru
Coconut Cup, South America
Coconut cup, S. America
Slingshots, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Weaving Implement, Chimú Culture, Central Coast, Peru
Implement, Peru SOLD
Slingshots, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Candelabra, Mexico
Slingshots, Maya, Guatemala
Slingshots, Guatemala
Candelabra by Aurelio Flores, Mexico
Candelabra, Mexico
Rabbit bank, Mexico
Copper reptile, Moche, Peru
Copper reptile, Peru
Pan Pipes, Nasca, South Coast Peru
Pan pipes, Peru
Stone Figure, Olmec Culture, Southern Mexico
Stone figure, Olmec
Silver Cup, Bolivia
Silver cup, Bolivia
Stirrup spout vessel, Chavin culture, Peru
Stirrup vessel, Peru
Processional Hats, Chimu, Peru
Priest's hats, Peru
Mace head, Chavin, Peru
Mace head, Peru
Female Figure, Tlatlico, Mexico
Figure, Mexico
Shaman's Staffs, Choco People, Panama
Staffs, Panama
Shell disks, Moche, Peru
Shell disks, Moche, Peru
Tumi, Moche, Peru
Tumi, Moche, Peru
Pictograph, Peru
Mother of pearl necklace, Chimu
Necklace, Chimu
Spondylus figure, Inca
Figure, Inca
Ceramic doll, Paracas
Doll, Paracas
Hat, Huari, Peru
Hat, Huari, Peru
Large ceramic vessel, Chancay culture, Peru
Vessel, Peru
Ceramic pipe, Chavin, Peru
Ceramic pipe, Peru
Canopa, Inca, Peru
Canopa, Inca, Peru
Mask, Guatemala
Tupos, Peru
 Imbricated basket, Columbia River
Basket, Columbia River
Mystery woman, America
Slingshot SOLD
Cornish collotype, Kansas
Collotype, Kansas
Figure of a General, Guatemala
General, Guatemala
Fineline Stirrup Vessel, Moche, Peru
Vessel, Moche, Peru


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