Curiosities, Folk Art and Antiquities


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  Bronze Sarcophagus Eyes, Ancient Egypt   Prosthetic Leg
Embryo Model, USA

  Bronze eyes, Ancient Egypt
  Prosthetic leg
Powderhorn, Carpathian Mountains, Romania or Hungary   Hooked Rug, USA   Coiled bronze bracelet, Near East
Carpathian Mountains

  Hooked rug, North America

  Bracelet, Near East
  Bentwood box, America   Mermaid match safe, Gorham
Lightning rod finials,
North America

  Folk art box, USA

  Matchsafe, USA

Skull and serpent match safe, USA   Kushan axe, Central Asia   Nun doll, North America
Matchsafe, USA
  Kushan Axe, Central Asia

  Nun doll, North America
Puss 'n boots puppet, Europe   Laminated Plates   Artificial teeth, Italy
Puss 'n Boots puppet, Europe
  Laminated plates

  Artificial teeth, Italy



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