Indian Bronze Gallery


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Note: Most of these small bronze figures are part of a collection that has been in California since June 1962.

Durga, India   Lord Vishnu, India   Kubera, India
Durga   Lord Vishnu   Kubera
Shiva Vrishvana, India   Shiva, India   Brass cobra finial, India
Shiva Vrishvana   Rama   Cobra finial
Asian Tribal Art - Bronze Vishnu, India  

Radha, India

  Kali, India
Vishnu (possibly)
  Radha, wife of Krishna   Kali

Lakshmi Narasimha, India

  Dhana Lakshmi, India   Parvati, India
Narasimha   Dhana Lakshmi   Parvati
Arjuna, India   Parvati, India   Bala Krishna, India
Arjuna   Parvati   Bala Krishna
Manikkavacakar, Southern India   Lakshmi, India   Venugopal (Krishna), India
Sambandar   Lakshmi   Venugopala (Krishna)
Rama, Orissa or Rajasthan, India   Asian Tribal Art - Bronze Ganesha, India   Durga, India
Rama   Ganesha   Durga
Rama Bronze Figure, India   Krishna with Consorts, India   Rama, Gujarat, India
Rama   Krishna with consorts   Rama
Hanuman Bronze Figure, India   Radha, wife of Krishna   Kali, India
Hanuman   Radha, wife of Krishna   Kali
Venugopala (Krishna)   Parvati and child bronze figure, India   Radha, wife of Krishna
Venugopala (Krishna)   Yasodha holding Krishna - SOLD   Radha, wife of Krishna
    Ganesha Bronze Figure, India    


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