Indonesian Tribal Art


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Pectoral, Timor Island   Horn Spoon, Timor Island   Silver Pectoral, Timor Island
Pectoral, Timor    Spoon, Timor    Pectoral, Timor 
Mandau Handle, Borneo   Ceremonial Mat, Dayak, Borneo   Fly Whisk, Alor Island, Indonesia
Mandau hilt, Borneo   Ceremonial mat, Dayak, Borneo   Fly whisk, Alor Island
Sword, Dong Son, Java   Mandau Handle, Borneo   Hat with Sanggori, Sulawesi
Sword, Dongson, Java

  Mandau hilt, Borneo

  Hat with Sanggori, Sulawesi

Indonesian Tribal Art - Hazi Nuwou Figure, Nias or Batu Island   Painting on glass, Java, Indonesia   Indonesian Tribal Art - Shaman's Charm, Karo Batak, Borneo
Hazi nuwou figure, Nias Island

  Painting on glass, Java

  Shaman's charm, Sumatra

Container lid, Toba Batak, Sumatra    Shaman's Charm, Dayak, Borneo   Silver pectoral, Timor Island, Indonesia
Container lid, Sumatra    Charm, Dayak, Borneo

  Pectoral, Timor 



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