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Japanese Prints - Yanagawa Shigenobu

Yanagawa Shigenobu (1784-1832)
Couple with Fish on Heads

Surimono woodblock print
Paper size:
7 x 8
Date: Meiji Period
Condition: Copy B, slight bends near upper and lower edges
By Ryuryusai Kazenari
           Tapestry Shell, Knitted from threads of mist, 
           A limp jellyfish serves well as a companion
           For an exciting New year.

Surimono 1    SOLD


This woman carries a puffer fish on her head, while the man wears a 'limp jellyfish' on his. He carries a boxed present and she appears to be holding a small box near her chest. The white and pale green parts of her kimono are heavily embossed, and there is texture embossed on the purple of her kimono and the blue areas of his clothing.

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