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Tomio Kinoshita woodblock print

Tomio Kinoshita (1923 - 2011)
Face - Young Girl
, 1985
Woodblock print
Image size:
13" (33 cm) x 15.5" (39.4 cm)
Paper size: 16" (40.6 cm) x 19.5" (49.5 cm)
Signed: in pencil lower right, Tomio Kinoshita
Titled: in Japanese kanji written in pencil at lower left
Edition: 23/50
Condition: Excellent. The print is loose under the black mat board, attached only at the top with tape to the supporting backboard.

This is a rare print from a very small edition of Kinoshita's woodblocks. The blocks were actually cut in 1963 but the edition was not completed until later. The dating of published prints with the year of issuance and not the year of block cutting was a common practice among sosaku hanga artists. The orange color is the result of mixing carmine with vermilion water-based pigments.


Tomio Kinoshita woodblock print, title
Tomio Kinoshita woodblock print, signature

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