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Yuichi Saito (b. 1983)
Mo Writing

Pencil on paper
Frame size:
17" (43 cm) x 23.5" (58.7 cm)
Paper size: 15" (38 cm) x 21" (53.4 cm)
Signed: No signature
Condition: Excellent

Yuichi Saito is a young artist at Kobu Shu, a center for adults with developmental disabilities in Saitama Prefecture. Saito suffers from Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, a symptom of which is motor stereoptypy, a repetitive or ritualistic movement, posture, or utterance. He channels this tension into his art, which is often inspired by the titles of his favorite television shows, or in this case, the character "mo".
His work has been shown in many galleries outside Japan. Ex Fifi White collection, California.


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