Oceanic Art - Bailer Shell Pectoral, Mendi people, Papua New Guinea

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Bailer shell pectoral

Mendi people, Papua New Guinea
Shell, melo amphora, braided fiber rope, plastic filament repair
10 inches high by 8.5 inches wide (25.5 cm H x 21.6 cm W)
Early to mid-20th century
Ex Nina Griscom estate, comes with a custom metal base (12.5" high as based)

These large shell pectorals were worn ceremonially by men and women in Papua New Guinea (please see photo below). There is a braided fiber rope for hanging around the neck, and the pink powder has long ago washed away. This beautiful shell is one of two that graced the New York apartment of the late Nina Griscom, well-known entrepreneur, television host, model and businesswoman (the second bailer shell has been sold).


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