Oceanic Art - Dugong Net Float, Massim, Papua New Guinea

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Dugong net float
Massim culture, Tehadio village, Suau Island, Papua New Guinea
Mid 20th century

10.5 inches (26.7 cm) long

This net float was used to fish for dugong and was imbued with magical powers, as it was placed in the center of the net as the only carved float. It has a double bird head motif at one end and the dry patina of wood used in salt water. Additional photos courtesy of Franck Marcelin.

Collected by Anthony JP Meyer and Harry Beran in January 1987
Ex Marcia and John Friede, The Jolika Collection, Rye NY
Ex Franck Marcelin, Aix en Provence

Publications : Meyer, Anthony JP. 1987. N°5/5
Marcelin, Franck. 2016. Art Massim, Massim Art from the Jolika Collection. n°33



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