Art of the Americas - Female Ocarina, Guangala, Ecuador

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Female ocarina
Guangala culture, Ecuador
12" (27.6 cm) high
200 BC - 500 AD

A tranquil buff painted female ocarina from the Guangala culture of southern Manabí, Ecuador. She stands in the typical forward-leaning posture with her hands pointing backward at the wrists, which rest on the musician's palms while being played. Her bodice, arms, low-slung skirt and lower legs are decorated with incised geometric patterns accented with brick-colored paint. She has a flat, tapered gold nose ring, two piercings in each ear and the typical elongated head. Her clear, high-pitched sound can be modulated with the two holes on her shoulders. She has been professionally restored. Ex. private collection, Iowa, ex. Douglas Dawson Gallery, 1992.


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