Tribal Jewelry

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Silver bracelet, Tunisia
Bracelets, Peru - SOLD
Bangles, Tunisia - SOLD
Mali Bead Necklace
Mail bead necklace
Bronze Bracelet, Ban Chiang, Thailand
Bracelet, Thailand
Yak Bone Necklace
Yak bone necklace
Bracelets, Aceh Province, Sumatra
Bracelets, Sumatra
Earrings, Tunisia
Wood Armband, Nias Island
Armband, Nias
Tamba, Côte d'Ivoire
Coral Necklace, North Africa
Necklace, N. Africa
Necklace, Naga People, Northeastern India
Necklace, Nagaland
African necklace
Necklace, Africa
Asian Tribal Art - Silver cuffs, Turkoman, Central Asia
Cuffs, Central Asia
Necklace, Mexico
Jewelry Gallery - Large silver crucifix
Large crucifix
Silver Fibulae, Tunisia
Fibulae, Tunisia
Coral Necklace, Morocco
Necklace, N. Africa
Necklace Element, Palestine
Ornament, Palestine
African Tribal Art - Silver pendants, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia
Khamsas, N. Africa
Silver Pearl Necklace, Navajo
Necklace, Navajo
Art of the Americas - Headband, trarilonko, Mapuche, Chile
Headband, Chile
African Tribal Art - Silver military medals, Tunisia
Medals, Tunisia
Beaded Necklace, Nagaland, India
Necklace, Nagaland SOLD
Ethnic Jewelry - Silver bracelet, Tunisia
Bracelet, Tunisia
Ethnic Jewelry - Silver cuff, Egypt
Cuff, Egypt
Ethnic Jewelry - Silver bracelet, Tunisia
Bracelet, Tunisia
Ethnic Jewelry - Silver bracelet, Bosnia
Bracelet, Bosnia
Ethnic silver jewelry %20 Large Tunisian fibula
Fibula, Tunisia
Ethnic Jewelry - Silver bracelet, Tunisia
Bracelet, Tunisia
Amber and green bead necklace
Necklace, Tunisia
African Tribal Art - Silver loop earrings, North Africa
Earrings, N. Africa
African Tribal Art - Silver Coptic cross pendants, Ethiopia
Crosses, Ethiopia
Silver stamp, Afghanistan
Stamp, Afghanistan
African Tribal Art - Silver salha disks and khors amkellel, Libya
Ornaments, Libya
Silver pendant necklace, Turkoman, Central Asia
Necklace, Turkoman


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